Tuesday, June 20, 2006




Featuring, Simon Fox on guitar, Roy Philips on drums, Carolyn Hume on keys, and Robin Yates on bass.

SO SATRIANI are a musically brilliant outfit who pay homage to one of the world's great guitarists.

JOE SATRIANI has received 13 Grammy nominations, and sold in excess of 7 million albums, and is best known for his ground breaking albums, such as "Surfing With the Alien" - the first all instrumental album to chart - "Flying in a Blue Dream" which featured the single "Big Bad Moon" and the best selling "The Extremist".
In between making his name as a top guitar teacher for the likes of Steve Vai, David Bryson (Counting Crows) and Dirk Hammett (Metallica), Joe also wowed international rock audiences while touring with Mick Jagger, and replacing Richie Blackmore in Deep Purple.
On top of that, Joe was also part of the best selling G3 guitar package tour with Steve Vai.

SO SATRIANI are a brilliant outfit in their own right, all experienced musicians working with various bands and solo projects now playing the best of their hero's music. including: Flying In A Blue Dream, Big Bad Moon, Surfing With The Alien, Satch Boogie, The Extremist, Friends, Rubina, Crystal Planet, Time, The Mystical Potato head Groove Thing and many others

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